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Public Sector Labor Relations: Texas

XpertHR has archived this resource in order to focus on our core mission of serving the private sector with practical employment law updates and information.

Author: Susan Borowski, Reliable Writing Services


  • Most public employees do not have the right to organize or bargain collectively. See No Right to Organize.
  • Police officers and firefighters do have the right to organize and bargain collectively. See Police Officers and Firefighters.
  • Public employees do not have the right to strike, and face specific penalties if they do. See No Right to Strike.
  • A public employee cannot be denied employment on the basis of membership or non-membership in a union. See Right to Work.
  • Public employees have the right to bring their grievances regarding wages, hours, and conditions of employment to their employer, but not via a representative that claims a right to strike. See Rights of Public Employees.