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Training and Development: Pennsylvania

Training and Development requirements for other states

Federal law and guidance on this subject should be reviewed together with this section.

Author: Michael R. Galey, Fisher Phillips


  • Under Pennsylvania law, public employees must be educated with respect to sexual harassment issues. See Sexual Harassment Training.

Sexual Harassment Training

The only formalized training requirement under Pennsylvania Law requires public employees to be educated with respect to sexual harassment issues. +4 Pa. Code § 7.595. Education may consist of written materials, formal training, educational videos, orientation sessions, workplace discussions or individual counseling. Public employees are provided with a copy of commonwealth policy and are required to sign an acknowledgement that they have received and reviewed the policy.

Pennsylvania law does not contain any other provisions requiring that employers train their employees. Nevertheless, it is always a good practice for an employer to train its employees with respect to the organization's policies and procedures. Training employees at the outset of their employment regarding the organization's rules and standards is an excellent way to ensure that the employees are aware of the employer's expectations of each employee.

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