How can an employer avoid ghosting by a prospective employee?

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

In order to reduce the risk of ghosting by a prospective employee, an employer should do the following:

  • Explain the recruiting and hiring process from the outset and provide a timeline as to when the position will be filled;
  • Ensure job advertisements and job descriptions are accurate and correctly set forth the expectations and responsibilities of the position;
  • Make interviews more personal and meaningful by conducting them in person or online via skype;
  • Continually engage with the prospective employee by making sure all of the individual's questions are answered;
  • Be transparent during the recruiting and hiring process and provide clear feedback;
  • Encourage an open door process where the prospective employee can ask questions;
  • Follow up during each step of the recruiting and hiring process to let the prospective employee know that he or she is still being considered;
  • Notify prospective employees in a timely manner if he or she is no longer being considered;
  • Demonstrate a positive and diverse workplace culture where all employees feel respected, valued and engaged; and
  • Sell employer's workplace culture and brand and making sure prospective employees understand the benefits of working for the employer.