How can an employer get an employee to stop wasting time and get to work?

Author: Julie H. Cox

An employer should create policies about internet use, personal calls and personal emails during work hours. Also, expectations about arriving to work on time and not leaving before agreed-upon departure times need to be communicated and upheld. An employer should alert employees of its time theft policies early in the hiring process, emphasize the policies in regular meetings and newsletters, and promptly enforce the policies against those who violate them.

An employer can provide incentives for employees to improve their morale as well as the likelihood that they will finish tasks. An employer should show employees it appreciates their work by commenting to them personally when they do a good job. The employer can also entrust an employee with specific duties and reward him or her when he or she has completed a task.

Supervisors and managers should also make sure to follow the time policies themselves to set a standard that the employees will likely wish to follow.