How should an employer distribute and/or post the Family and Medical Leave Act's (FMLA's) general notice to employees?

Author: Demetrius O. Holloway, Stites & Harbison

The general notice should be posted in a conspicuous place where employees are actually employed (e.g., places where other required employment posters are posted, break rooms). The notice must be posted prominently and must contain fully legible text. If an employer has any FMLA-eligible employees, the notice should also be contained in employee handbooks or any other written guidance provided to employees concerning employee benefits or leave rights. If no such materials exist, a copy of the notice must be distributed to each new employee upon hiring. In addition, the notice may be distributed to all employees electronically.

An employer must include all information that is in the Department of Labor's (DOL's) model notice, WH-1420.