What are some key aspects of an active shooter drill?

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

To effectively prepare employees for an active shooter event, an employer should implement periodic active shooter drills that train employees to:

  • Recognize the sound of gunshots;
  • React quickly when gunfire is heard and/or when a shooting is witnessed and determine whether to:
    • Run and evacuate the area;
    • Hide out; and
    • Fight and act against the shooter as a last resort;
  • Know when and where to call 911;
  • React appropriately when law enforcement arrives; and
  • Adopt the survival mindset during times of a crisis.

At the conclusion of every drill, the employer or the trainer conducting the exercise should provide employees with feedback on how they performed. Also, as with every drill or training exercise, an active shooter drill should be done on a regular basis to ensure the best chance of retention.