What are some of the smart features of the Form I-9?

Authors: Jorge R. Lopez and Sean M. McCrory, Littler

The smart version of the Form I-9 has several features designed to minimize errors. These features include:

  • A hover-text function with instructions on each field and a "?" box that, when clicked, provides more detailed instructions;
  • Lists A, B and C menus with document titles and, for some documents, the appropriate issuing authority. These document titles match the response to the employee's declared status. If an option is not available on the menu, then it will need to be inserted manually on the printed Form I-9; and
  • A "Click to Finish" button, which is designed to ensure that each field is complete. Fields should not be left blank; an employer should insert "N/A" instead.

It is important to note that the smart version of the I-9 is not an "electronic" Form I-9 as defined by the regulations governing the storage of electronic Form I-9s.