What are some risks for an employer if employees are using Google Glass?

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

There are a number of risks for an employer if employees use Google Glass in the workplace, including, but not limited to:

  • Privacy concerns. Google Glass allows the user the ability to record both photos and videos of other individuals without their knowledge and consent, which could lead to invasion of privacy issues.
  • Safety issues. The use of Google Glass presents potential safety issues and hazards for employees who are driving or operating dangerous machinery or are not focused on their job tasks in general.
  • Access of inappropriate information. Google Glass allows users to access pornography and other obscene content while at work and during working hours.
  • Loss of productivity. Employees may be focused on the information through Google Glass and not focused on their job duties and responsibilities or their supervisors, co-workers and customers.
  • Creation of discoverable information. The use of Google Glass, which permits the user to record photos and videos, may be used to record potentially discriminatory or harassing actions of the employer or co-workers and lead to information that is discoverable in litigation and result in employer liability.
  • Harassment issues. Other employees may find the use of Google Glass in the workplace to be harassing and inappropriate.
  • Potential disclosure of an employer's confidential information and trade secrets. Google Glass allows employees to record an employer's confidential and proprietary information and to save it or publicize it on the internet, thus compromising the employer's confidential and proprietary information.