What safety training should an employer offer?

Authors: John D. Surma and Collin G. Warren, Adams and Reese LLP

This depends on many different variables, including:

  • The type of industry;
  • The work environment;
  • The specific tasks employees are undertaking;
  • Where the work is taking place; and
  • The workforce used to complete the tasks (skilled versus unskilled, union versus nonunion, etc.).

The more complex the work (petrochemical plants versus window washing), the more sophisticated the safety training program should be.

Training should generally include oral and written training by competent and experienced professionals. At the conclusion of the training, employees should generally be evaluated and observed in the workforce, and testing should be completed to ensure comprehension and to provide documentation/proof of the training. Where deficiencies are observed or noted, retraining and testing is recommended. Training completed by industry standard groups is typically recommended.