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New Hire Paperwork and Notice Requirements by State

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

The following chart provides an overview of the key documents and notices that private employers are required to provide to new employees in each state at the start of employment.

Additional state notice requirements regarding workplace posters, restrictive covenants and pay can be found in the following resources:

States that have no requirements regarding a specific type of new hire paperwork or notice are marked N/A. This does not necessarily mean that the state has no law on that subject in general. Rather, it indicates that the state does not have a specific new hire paperwork requirement relating to that topic. For example, although employers in most states are required to provide workers' compensation coverage, only a few state workers' compensation laws include a new hire paperwork requirement.

Please note that paperwork or notice requirements in a particular state may not necessarily apply to all private employers. Click on the state name for more details about the new hire notice requirements of that state.