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Pregnancy Accommodation Laws by State and Municipality

Authors: Michelle Barrett Falconer and Casey Kurtz, Littler

Pregnancy discrimination is prohibited by federal law, and most state antidiscrimination laws include pregnancy as a protected class. Some states and municipalities go even further by requiring employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnancy, childbirth and related medical conditions.

The following chart lists the states and key municipalities that require pregnancy accommodations in the private sector.

The pregnancy accommodation laws included are limited to laws that specifically require reasonable accommodations. Information regarding pregnancy discrimination laws can be found in the EEO Protected Classes by State and Municipality 50-State Chart.

Further, this chart does not cover laws that involve strictly leave, such as family and medical leave, maternity leave or pregnancy disability leave laws. The examples of reasonable accommodations, which may include a leave of absence, are specified in the law or regulations. The lists are not all-inclusive, and an employer may be required to provide other forms of accommodation depending on the circumstances.

Jurisdictions that have no requirements regarding pregnancy accommodation are marked N/A. In the absence of state or local requirements, federal rules may apply.