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Sexual Harassment Training by State

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

The following chart covers private employer requirements by state for sexual harassment training and related record retention or notice communications. Please refer to Training and Development > State Requirements and EEO Harassment > State Requirements for information on states with only notice or posting requirements addressing sexual harassment, but no training requirements, or that have industry-specific harassment prevention requirements.

For comprehensive coverage of posting requirements, please refer to Employee Communications: State Requirements.

The federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) encourages, but does not require, employers to conduct sexual harassment prevention training. States marked N/A may encourage - but don't require - employers to conduct sexual harassment prevention training. In addition, industry-specific harassment prevention requirements may apply and/or certain employers may have compliance requirements as a result of a public contract, a collective bargaining agreement or a settlement agreement/consent decree. However, employers in all states should consider providing sexual harassment training in order to minimize liability risks due to a supervisor's inappropriate comments or because of a supervisor's failure to adequately address a harassment incident.

Additional guidance in this area can be found in the Train an Employee Task.