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Temporary Disability Insurance Requirements by State

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

Employers in certain states are required to provide temporary (short-term) disability insurance (TDI) to workers. TDI laws provide income protection to employees who cannot work due to a nonwork-related illness or injury (which may include pregnancy and organ donation). These laws cover employees who work in these jurisdictions, regardless of the location of the employer's headquarters.

Some TDI laws provide paid family leave (PFL) benefits. However, not all PFL laws fall under a TDI law. For more information on PFL laws, which may cover absences related to an employee's own health condition, see Paid Family Leave Requirements by State and Municipality.

The following chart helps employers understand each state's TDI law by summarizing employee and employer contribution obligations, benefit entitlements, waiting period requirements, and notice and documentation requirements. States that have no requirements regarding TDI are marked N/A.