50-State Charts

While the Employment Law Guide offers a deep dive, comprehensive overview of the law, our 50-State Charts resource provides a quick, comparative view of key laws across multiple states.

View a full listing of all 50-State Charts on XpertHR here.

Be sure to check out our Municipal Preemption Laws by State chart to see which states have enacted laws prohibiting municipalities from adopting ordinances or regulations on a specific area of a law.


From the 50-State Charts homepage you can search within the tool or you can select a category, such as Attendance and Leave or Wage and Hour. You can also navigate to resource categories via the smart breadcrumb bar. The homepage also features a list of the most recent new and updated resources.

The Trending box gives you a sense of what's topical, providing a list of the most popular articles within the resource.

50SC Homepage overview

Content Structure

Once you've selected a particular law or topic of interest, you will notice that all our chart resources are structured in the same manner, featuring:

  • About This Resource box which displays recent updates or enhancements to the chart.
  • Author(s) of the article
  • Overview section which provides a brief explanation of the law and what the chart entails, as well as any additional important information.
  • Download as Excel which allows you to see the chart in full in Excel format. This is useful when charts contain a lot of information. Downloading the chart gives you the ability to customize to your liking - for example, remove irrelevant states or add in your own annotations.
  • "Filter" bar at the top of the chart which allows you to enter the name of the state or states you're interested in, or Federal, to filter the view so it's most relevant to what you're looking for. You can enter multiple states and instantaneously build a comparative view based on your particular needs.
50SC Article example

For large charts, the scrolling features within the table allow you to quickly and easily navigate across columns and rows to access the information you need while the top-line headers and first column for "Jurisdiction" stay fixed for full context. You can either use the double arrows on the side of the chart or the scrolling bar at the top and bottom. There is also vertical scrolling so you can easily navigate all rows within the table.

Scrolling screenshot

To find out more about getting the most from our 50-State Charts watch our short video:

Additional Resources - some charts contain links to additional resources, such as state or local Employment Law Guide pages. Others may have links to relevant handbook statements - see, for example, Paid Sick Leave or Vacation and PTO Benefits - or links to legal citations or the Legal Timetable resource.