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In this guide we will show how the site works and introduce you to the features that will help you get to the resources you need.


Let's start with an overview of XpertHR's homepage and a navigational guide, where we have highlighted areas we think will be of use to you:


Tasks, Topics and Tools give you three ways to access XpertHR content. You can think of these as different doors to the same information, letting you choose the best way to access the resources you need. You can read more about each area in this guide.

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In our Spotlight, you can access the pick of the latest additions to XpertHR, as well as HR and employment-related news.

Our Hot Topics, down the right-hand side of the homepage, aggregate content from across the site for certain subjects.

Understanding the Difference Between Tasks, Topics and Tools


To help you find what you need in seconds and save you valuable time, we've identified dozens of tasks likely to arise in the day-to-day activities of HR.

Each Task collects together XpertHR's most relevant legal, practical and good practice guidance to help you achieve a specific HR task, such as carrying out a disciplinary investigation or responding to a reference request from a prospective employer.

More information on how to use Tasks.



From Employee Benefits to Workplace Safety, XpertHR provides you with the latest guidance for over 300 HR topics, to help ensure you remain compliant with ever-changing state and federal employment laws.

XpertHR's editors tag every one of our thousands of articles with one or more HR topics, which means you can confidently use the "Topics" menu to find a range of resources and guidance. Our topics system provides you with a way to ensure you are always up to date when new content is added to XpertHR. It is also a key area for conducting research and helping to build business cases.

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For your convenience, our editors allocate every article on XpertHR into a specific "Tool" corresponding to the type of information it contains. This means that, if you are looking for a particular type of information or resource - such as a model policy, a "how to" guide, a law report or a supervisor training - you can get direct access by going straight to the relevant place via the "Tools" menu.

More information on how to use Tools.


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More Ways to Stay Informed


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