How do I know if your information is up to date?

XpertHR has a rigorous process for tracking, analyzing and vetting employment law developments at the federal level as well as all 50 states, the District of Colombia and hundreds of municipalities. All updates are verified with primary sources from the government and other reputable fact-checking resources. The site is updated in real time, every weekday, as developments are confirmed and analyzed. Some developments are more complex or in need of clarification regarding scope and meaning which may require additional time for vetting and analysis by our panel of experts.

Every reference document on the site includes an "About This Resource" box in the upper right of the document that includes a "status" summarizing the latest update to the article.

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New and Updated lists include a rolling list of all new and updated articles on each resource and topic page, and My Tracked Topics includes a running list of all new or updated articles that match your selected topics.

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