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Our How To tool offers over 250 resources that contain practical, actionable step-by-step guidance on how to manage both common and more unusual workplace situations. Consider using our How Tos:

  • To streamline and harmonize processes across HR departments and your business
  • To train and educate your HR team, particularly in handling a new process or auditing your current practices
  • To train your managers and supervisors

Our How Tos cover a range of topics from compliance and HR best practice to soft skill development such as disciplining employees and documenting complex and tricky situations - for example: How to Document Reasonable Suspicion of Impairment.


From the How To homepage you can search within the tool itself or you can select a category such as Performance and Discipline or Wage and Hour. You can also navigate to tool categories via the smart breadcrumb bar. The homepage also features a list of the most recent new and updated resources.

The Trending box gives you a sense of what's topical, providing a list of the most popular articles within the tool.

Content Structure

Once you've selected a How To, you will notice that all are structured in the same manner, featuring:

  • Go to section menu that allows you to get a quick overview of all the steps in the How To and navigate easily to different steps.

How To Go To Section

  • Author(s) of the article
  • Step-by-step breakdown featuring practical guidance and examples.
  • Additional Resources linking to other relevant materials.

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