XpertHR International provides a reliable and regularly updated suite of employment law guides for countries across Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia.

Each country guide contains key information for employers across the following topical areas:

  • Recruitment and Selection;
  • Pay and Benefits;
  • Employee Rights;
  • Contracts of Employment;
  • Training and Development;
  • Equal Opportunities;
  • Health and Safety;
  • Trade Unions and Industrial Relations; and
  • Termination of Employment.

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Navigating to the XpertHR International Tool

The tool homepage for XpertHR International is accessible via the "Tools" drop down menu, under the "Global Employer" heading.

From the tool homepage, you can access our Guide for Global Employers - a good primer of best practice tips for employers with a global presence. You will also be able to access the full guides for countries you have purchased once you have logged-in as a subscriber. At the bottom of the tool homepage, you can also view a listing of the latest new and updated International resources with direct links to those resources.

How to Get the Best Search Results

Using the tool's search bar found on the top right of the tool homepage, you can conduct a keyword search within the tool only rather than the entire XpertHR site. See more tips on using the search function and how to refine your results.

Note: if you are looking for a specific topic within a certain country, be sure to type the country's name along with the topic in the tool search box (for example, Argentina maternity) to get the best results.

International Country Guides - Table of Contents

Each country guide covers the same main topical areas listed at the top of this page which span the entire employment lifecycle from recruitment to retirement.

Our Canada International guide is unique in that it breaks down the law by federal as well as by each of the provinces and territories.

Additional sections per country guide include:

  • "Useful Resources - Online Employment Law Information" - features a listing of government and commercial agencies to be aware of in the country of employment.
  • "Useful Resources - Legal Service Providers" - lists legal services provided by the authors/editors of our International content for select country guides.

Special Note: some legal providers offer special discounts to our subscribers, be sure to check them out.

Additional Features

Once navigating to a particular country guide section via the Table of Contents, additional useful features are available as follows:

  1. Go to section navigation - allows you to easily navigate to different subsections within the particular resource;
  2. About This Resource box - displays recent updates to the article, with quick links to the section of the resource that contains the updates;
  3. Authors/editor(s) of the article - byline typically reflecting attorneys who practice in the country of selection, with links to author bio pages for additional detail;
  4. Summary section - quick overview bullets with links to relevant sub-sections; and
  5. Sources/references section - a summary of the references cited within the resource including links to useful external sources for that particular country.

XpertHR international article features

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