State and Local Resources

XpertHR provides resources to help you comply with employment law at federal, state and local level. After logging into XpertHR as a subscriber, you will see all federal articles plus all articles relating to your subscribed states.

You will also see all articles that are not associated with any jurisdiction. Article lists on the search results page, topic pages and tool category pages will show state content relating to your subscribed states rather than all states.

State and Local Tab

Quickly access XpertHR's state and local content via the tab in the main navigation bar. Select from one of the states listed to jump into a comprehensive selection of XpertHR's state-specific resources, such as the Employment Law Manual and Employee Handbooks, as well as the latest information available for that state to help you keep abreast of legal developments and ensure compliance. Easily access local resources from the state landing page.

state and local tab screenshot

Local Coverage

Once you select a locality from a state landing page, you will be directed to a search results page from which you can apply additional filtering via the Refine Search Results tool bar.

Due to the increasingly rapid pace and complex developments of employment law at the local level, at XpertHR, we are tracking and covering developments across more than 100 localities.

local coverage box screenshot

local coverage screenshot

Search by State

Article lists on the search results page, topic pages and tool category pages will show state content relating to your subscribed states rather than all states.

You can also refine the research results by state in the left hand panel:

State Content in Tools

Within the range of XpertHR Tools, you'll see the content broken down by category, with national and any state content and any state content then displayed within that category:

Employment Law Manual

Articles in the Employment Law Manual show federal and state requirements on the same page, separated into sections.

When you are logged in as a subscriber, those of your subscribed states that have state requirements will be displayed on the page. The federal and state sections can be opened and closed using the plus and minus buttons to the left of each heading.

You can also open state requirements sections by clicking the state links in the "About This Item" box at the top right of the page and by using the Page Contents list.

Employee Handbooks

To create an employee handbook state supplement, or a state-specific handbook policy, use the policy statements in the Employee Handbook tool, which provides template policy language and discusses the additional or corresponding state or key local laws an employer and employee must follow for employees working in that particular jurisdiction.

You may also want to use the state-specific Tables of Contents to browse through the available policy statements in your state(s) of interest.

More information on how to use Employee Handbooks.

Selecting your preferred states

Subscribing XpertHR users are entitled to view all federal materials along with materials for between one and 51 additional jurisdictions (50 states plus District of Columbia), depending on the terms of their subscription.

Users whose subscriptions include a large number of states may wish to limit their day-to-day view to a smaller number of "preferred" states. This can be done via the "My Account" section.

To select your preferred states, click the "My Account" button in the main navigation bar and then click the "Preferences" button followed by the "Select States" button. You can change your preferred states at any time.

Once you have selected your preferred states, the state materials displayed on the site - in the Employment Law Manual, in lists on topic pages, in search results and so forth - will be limited to your preferred states.

Legal Timetable

The Legal Timetable provides summaries of pending, recent and older employment laws and regulations with effective dates. It allows you to filter the Legal Timetable by typing a state name or other keyword in the box about the table. Upon the return of the results, you may toggle between the Pending, Recent and Archive tabs to find the legal developments you need. Once you find a legal development you want to review, simply click on the title to read more.

More information on how to use the Legal Timetable.