State and Local Resources

You can access our unparalleled state-specific content via our State and Local dropdown menu, circled in the image below. Select a state of interest to see a round up of in-depth, state-specific compliance content.

As an XpertHR subscriber, once you're logged in, in addition to federal articles you will see all articles relating to your particular subscribed states. When you conduct a search, the articles listed in the search results will only show state content relating to your subscribed states. (See Pro Tip at the bottom of this page.)

How to Navigate to State and Local Resources

Quickly access our state and local content via the tab in the main navigation bar. Here you will see:

  • Quick links to landing pages for each state plus the District of Columbia and top localities.
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State Landing Pages

Each state landing page generally includes the following features, highlighted in the image below.

  1. Search within State bar - to hone in on state-specific searches quicker
  2. Key laws at a glance - such as minimum wage rates
  3. Quick links to key resources - such as state and local posters
  4. Local employment law coverage
  5. State and Local Resources Screenshot 1
  6. State-specific Employment Law Guide quick links
  7. Upcoming compliance deadlines
  8. State and local Employee Handbooks statements
  9. State and Local Resources Screenshot 2
  10. New and updated resources
  11. State and Local Resources Screenshot 3

Local Coverage

Due to the increasingly rapid pace and complex developments of employment law at the local level, at XpertHR we are tracking and covering developments across more than 160 localities.

Find a full listing of localities we cover here.

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Pro Tip: Select your preferred states to limit your view to jurisdictions that matter most to you.

Subscribers of XpertHR are entitled to view all federal resources along with state resources ranging between one and 51 additional jurisdictions (50 states plus District of Columbia), depending on the terms of their subscription.

Users with subscriptions that include multiple states may wish to limit their day-to-day view to a smaller number of "preferred" states. This can be done via My Account > State Preferences.

Once you have selected your preferred states, the state materials displayed on the site - in the Employment Law Guide, in lists on topic pages and so forth - will be limited to your preferred states. You can change your preferred states at any time.

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