Subscribe to Compliance Calendar(s)

What is an XpertHR compliance calendar?

XpertHR compliance calendars allow you to track new and changed compliance deadlines in your own calendar. To incorporate an XpertHR compliance calendar into your own calendar, you must proactively subscribe to the calendar. Each calendar includes the new and changed required deadlines that are included in the Legal Timetable tool, as well as additional cyclical required activities, such as annual reporting.

How do I subscribe to an XpertHR compliance calendar?

Simply click either or both subscribe buttons on the right-hand side of the Legal Timetable homepage to subscribe. You will only be able to see these subscribe buttons if you are logged in.

Who can subscribe to XpertHR calendar(s)?

Registered users of XpertHR can subscribe to XpertHR calendar(s).

Can I subscribe to more than one XpertHR compliance calendar?

Yes. Registered users can subscribe to as many calendars as they'd like.

What happens when I click the button to subscribe to a calendar?

XpertHR compliance calendars are published using a third-party tool called CalendarX. When you click the button, a pop-up form from CalendarX will appear. You will need to fill in your name, email, state and job title. Once completed, click continue and choose which calendar client you want to use (e.g. Outlook, Apple or Google). The calendar will install into your calendar client automatically.

How often are calendar items added and updated?

Calendar items are added and updated in line with developments. Additions and updates may occur daily. There can be a delay in when the XpertHR calendar syncs with your calendar, depending on your calendar client.

CalendarX (the third-party provider that hosts the calendars) reports that sync frequency is as follows:

  • Apple updates on app/program start-up and every one to three hours.
  • Google updates every 12 hours.
  • Outlook updates on app/program start-up and every one to three hours.
  • updates every three hours.

What calendar clients can I use to install the XpertHR compliance calendar(s)?

You can install the calendar(s) into your Outlook,, Google and Apple calendars.

How can I set reminders for events in my XpertHR calendar?

Once you have installed the calendar into your calendar client, open the individual event for which you want to set a reminder and use the reminder functionality of the particular calendar client. You can only do this on an event-by-event basis.

How can I change the free/busy information for a calendar event?

Once you have installed the calendar into your calendar client, open the individual event, and use the calendar client's free/busy functionality to adjust the particular calendar event.

Can I edit an XpertHR calendar item?

XpertHR calendar items are not editable unless you save the calendar event locally to your calendar (so that you can set a reminder, for example). If you do save a calendar event in order to edit it, you may not be aware of a potential update to the original calendar item, which may change.

Can I share or copy XpertHR calendar items?

No. XpertHR calendar items are covered by XpertHR's Terms and Conditions of use and may not be shared or copied.

When you subscribe to an XpertHR calendar, all the relevant dates from the Legal Timetable tool, as well as the cyclical required deadlines, are fed into your personal calendar client. Calendar events are updated by XpertHR and new events are added regularly.

If you click the "Add to Your Calendar" button within a Legal Timetable article on XpertHR, that single Legal Timetable item will be added to your calendar client. Once "Add to Your Calendar" has been selected, the calendar event will not reflect any subsequent change to the Legal Timetable article.

Where is my information stored when I subscribe to a calendar?

XpertHR does not store the information you use to subscribe to a calendar. It is stored by CalendarX, which is a third-party tool used to host the XpertHR calendar. XpertHR is able to access these details via the CalendarX platform.

What happens to my calendar if I unsubscribe from XpertHR?

If you unregister from XpertHR, we reserve the right to block your access to the calendar(s) too. It will take a few days for this to take effect, but within this time, calendar items will not be added or updated.

What does it mean that the XpertHR compliance calendars are beta?

We're running the calendars in beta because we are making continual improvements to them. Beta enables us to learn from customers' feedback and we can use this information to improve the service. If you have comments you would like to share with us, please email