Do you need to create and maintain an employee handbook? Develop a paid sick leave policy? Prepare a job description? Discipline an employee?

Tasks gather the most relevant legal, practical and best practice guidance to help you accomplish key HR duties and save time.

How to Navigate to Tasks and the Tasks Homepage

Navigate to Tasks by clicking on the dropdown menu, circled in the image below. In this menu you can either navigate straight to a Task category or go to the Task homepage via the "Access all Tasks" link.

From the homepage you can browse through our Tasks in a few different ways:

  1. By Task category
  2. By utilizing the "Search within Tasks" search bar (see more search tips)
  3. By viewing the "New and Updated" resources section
  4. By what's recently been trending among our subscribers
Tasks Screenshot 1

Task Page Structure

Each Task is structured in the same manner. In the sample below, we've highlighted the three key features of a Task:

  1. A few key points for consideration
  2. A list of resources, picked by our editors, that are most relevant to that task
  3. Bookmark, print, email to a colleague and share on social media icons
Tasks Screenshot 2

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