Click a topic to see the latest XpertHR resources available on your selected topic. After selecting a top-level topic, such as Recruiting and Hiring, you can drill down through lower-level topics, such as Preemployment Screening, viewing all the latest resources for each topic and subtopic.

From the Topics Menu:

  • Select a top-level topic, such as as Recruiting and Hiring, to view a list of the latest articles belonging to that topic. You also have the option of selecting a second-level topic, such as Preemployment Screening, to view a more targeted list of articles. Occasionally there may be third- and even fourth-level topics available.
  • Select a Hot Topic item to go straight to an article on that topic.
  • Click the "Show all topics" button to go to the Topics home page. From this page you can view a list of top-level topics with second-level topics beneath.

You can also access top-level topics from the page footer, at the bottom of every page.

Quick Video: The XpertHR Topics Menu

Topics in Searches

After searching the site, you can choose to refine your search results by topic. Simply select a top-level topic from the list on the left of the search results (outlined in red in the screen shot below) to limit your results to articles tagged with your chosen topic.

Search Results - Refine by Topic

Search results

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