We assign a topic to all our resources on XpertHR to enable you to quickly and easily view new and updated information on your topics of interest. With over 300 topics, we've got you covered across the entire employment lifecycle from first paycheck to last.

How to Navigate to Topics

Navigate to Topics via the dropdown menu, circled in the image below, where you will find:

  • Key Topics
  • My Tracked Topics - New and updated resources that cover your personalized topics of interest
  • Trending Topics - Updated as trends and seasons change
  • Topics A-Z - Takes you to the Topics homepage featuring an A-Z listing of all topics
Topics Screenshot 1

Topics Homepage

From this homepage you can browse through our Topics in a few different ways:

  1. By Topic name, listed from A-Z
  2. By utilizing the "Filter Topics by keyword" search bar (see more search tips)
  3. By what's recently been trending among our subscribers

Pro Tip: Don't forget to personalize your Topic Alerts to ensure your daily HR Compliance Alerts are tailored to the areas that matter to you most.

Topics Screenshot 2

Topic Page Structure

Each Topic page includes these key components, which you'll see highlighted on the sample Topic page below:

  1. Smart Breadcrumb navigation bar
  2. New and updated resources across XpertHR related to the topic
  3. Key resources selected by our editor
Topics Screenshot 3

Pro Tip: Every resource on XpertHR has a "Read more items tagged with the same topics" section at the bottom of the page.

Topics Screenshot 4

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