XpertHR for Multistate Employer Resources

Is your organization operating in a number of jurisdictions? And do you need to communicate the differences in compliance obligations while advising on an overall strategic approach?

Use our resources to guide you through the optimal steps to reaching your goals.

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Overview of Multistate Employer Issues

The Multistate Employer section of the Employment Law Guide provides a summary of the critical issues for organizations that operate in a number of states.

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These issues include:

State Developments and Themes - At a Glance

Our 50-State Charts resource is a must-have for multistate employers. It features state and key localities with compliance requirements that apply to private employers. If you're curious about state developments and themes, these charts allow you to understand, at a glance, the differences among various jurisdictions.

For example, these handy charts allow you to compare and contrast New York and California requirements with respect to salary history inquiries. Dare to dive to the local level and compare whether San Francisco has more onerous requirements than New York City.

For your convenience, our 50-State Charts are organized into the following categories:

We also provide a full listing of all the 50-State Charts on XpertHR. Be sure to look out for new charts being added or updated regularly as developments change by keeping tabs on the 50-State Charts homepage.

Talent Acquisition

Hiring in multiple jurisdictions and unsure of the requirements? In addition to our 50-State Chart resources on recruiting and hiring, we also have surveys regarding new hire reporting requirements and payroll compliance issues.

Considering employment agreements and restrictive covenants to protect business interests?  Make sure that you are aware of state and local law restrictions on noncompete and nondisclosure agreements.

Remember, these restrictions govern the employment relationship - while the employee is with you and, often, after an employee separates from the organization.

Leverage Communications

It's important that your corporate communications program conveys the required information to employees in a timely fashion.

Employee Handbooks

Updating or implementing an employee handbook? Ensure that changes are communicated to employees and that employees acknowledge receipt of the handbook. Refer to our Employee Handbooks resource for the latest updates, including suggested table of contents for a Federal and California handbook.

Unsure how to update an employee handbook? Whether you're creating a handbook from scratch or need to maintain or update one, consult our various, practical resources in this Task (HR Toolkit). You may also find these How To resources helpful:

Want more tips on how to use and navigate our Employee Handbooks resource visit this Help and Support page.

Workplace Posters and Notices

Wondering which notice-postings are required or recommended? Review our poster charts in the Quick Reference resource where we feature links to the latest poster requirements so you're always up to date.

Employee Protections

EEO Protections

EEO laws confer protections against discrimination, harassment and retaliation to employees at the federal, state and local levels.

State and local laws tend to expand on federal protections, including expanding the remedies available to employees who file either administrative or court claims.

Take a step past compliance toward being an employer of choice by embracing diversity and inclusion.

Employee Discipline and Retaliation Protections

Choose best practices when it comes to employee discipline and ensure your workplace is a retaliation-free environment.

Ensure attendance policies and work rules do not interfere with employees' leave rights.

For information on best practices, whistleblower protections and compliance requirements, begin with our Employee Discipline topic. Explore best practices, tasks and flowcharts. Consider the differences between misconduct and poor performance.

Wondering how to approach trending disciplinary issues, such as the off-duty use of marijuana? Consult How to Discipline Misconduct Related to Marijuana Use. Think off-duty use could result in on-duty effects? It's time to Determine Whether Reasonable Suspicion of Impairment Exists.

Employee Benefits, Leaves and Flexibility

Developing an employee benefits strategy? Should you consider which potential perks may already be mandated by a jurisdiction.

Contemplating whether to offer workplace flexibility with respect to scheduling? Predictable scheduling may already be a requirement.

Offering vacation time? Think through how paid sick leave and other leave requirements may affect your business before offering generous vacation and PTO packages.

Take into account local differences, especially those regarding minimum wage and sick leave requirements, to ensure that your organization's compensation and benefits package remains competitive in the region.

Stay informed on workplace trends, legal developments and best practices by checking our resources regularly: