XpertHR Single-State Employer Resources

Does your organization operate in a single state? Do you need access to the most up-to-date information regarding legal developments? Do you need state-specific policies and employee handbook statements? Looking for training templates for your staff?

Access XpertHR's resources to ensure compliance and increase confidence in your state of operation.

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Keep Up with State-Specific Legislative Developments

The best way to dive right into a particular state's key employment law developments is to navigate to one of our state hub pages located under our State and Local dropdown tab.

State and Local dropdown

In the image below, we've highlighted the key components of our state landing pages:

If you…

  1. Are looking for something in particular? Type your search query into the Search within State bar.
  2. Have questions about the current minimum wage rate, whether paid sick leave is mandated, or if use of criminal history in employment is limited by the state? Check the State at a Glance box.
  3. Want to navigate quickly to state and local posters and see which employment laws apply at a glance? Use our key resources links.
  4. Have questions regarding whether XpertHR covers a locality in your state? Review our Local Coverage box.
  5. Want to jump right into a specific state law topic area? Use our handy Employment Law Manual table of contents box for a full state listing of coverage.
  6. Want to know which laws are taking effect soon? See our Legal Timetable changes.
  7. Need state and local handbook templates? Follow links to our Employee Handbooks tool.
  8. Want to see the latest new and updated resources particular to a state? You can find them all here.
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Train Supervisors to Minimize Risks

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It's good practice to invest in supervisor training to ensure legal compliance and minimize liability risks. Give supervisors and managers the tools needed to succeed.

Training a new supervisor? Consider customizing the following:

Looking for an EEO training template? Consult our EEO training resources.

And don't forget about workplace safety. Address safety concerns by accessing the following Task (HR Toolkits):

Checklists are a great way to promote consistency among supervisors. Search our Policies and Documents tool for checklists, including:

Update Your Employee Handbook(s)

Customize our Employee Handbooks State Supplements together with our national policy statements to develop a compliant and comprehensive handbook for your workplace.

Unsure how to update an employee handbook? Whether you're creating a handbook from scratch or need to maintain or update one, consult our practical resources in this Task (HR Toolkit). You may also find these How To resources helpful:

Want more tips on how to use and navigate our Employee Handbooks tool visit this Help and Support page.

Special Considerations for Single-State Employers

Based on user feedback, we have rounded up a number of topics that are top of mind for employers that operate in a single state. These include issues regarding:

  • Employee classification and independent contractors
  • Workplace safety and security

Employee Classification and Gig Economy Issues

Considering whether to hire a contractor or expand an existing team? Reclassifying an existing position? Know the consequences of your decision by consulting the following Supervisor Trainings to ensure your managers are following best practices and avoiding potential violations in relation to these issues:

Need step-by-step assistance? Try our Classify a Position as Exempt or Nonexempt interactive workflow in our Liveflo tool.

Want to dive into more detail? Consult these Employment Law Manual resources:

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Workplace Safety and Security

Worried about workplace safety? We have an abundance of resources covering this topic. Plus, make sure you're compliant with OSHA recordkeeping and posting requirements.

Protect your people by reviewing relevant resources, including:

Workplace security has become an increasing concern for many businesses that operate in a digital environment.

Hoping to secure confidential business information? Learn How to Protect an Employer's Intellectual Property.

Comply with laws requiring notifications in the event of a data breach.

Stay informed on workplace trends, legal developments and best practices by checking these tools and resources regularly: