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How to Create a Diverse Workforce

Author: William Denham, Shortt & Nguyen, PC

A diverse workplace is one that accepts and encourages differences among employees, including more traditional distinctions (e.g., sex, race, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status) and less traditional distinctions (e.g., parental status, spiritual practice, communication style, work style). A diverse workplace benefits the employer in a number of ways, including increasing employee productivity, reducing legal claims, enhancing the employer's internal and public image, and increasing customer loyalty.

Of course, becoming a diverse workplace requires a commitment of time, energy and resources on behalf of the employer. However, once an employer is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse workplace and engaging key decision-makers in reaching attainable goals, employers can enjoy the benefits that such a workplace offers. To create a diverse workforce, employers should follow these steps.