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How to Set Up a Corporate HR Communications Program

Author: Jill Gormley, Strong and Clear Communications

Corporate HR communications encompasses more than just dissemination of information to employees, although that is certainly one of its goals. At a minimum, a corporate HR communications program should:

  • Provide information to employees about employment benefits, development and opportunities for advancement;
  • Create, disseminate and ensure adherence to policies and procedures, usually by compiling an employee handbook and updating the handbook as necessary;
  • Be a resource that employees with concerns, complaints or questions can turn to for answers and support;
  • Collect information about employee job satisfaction, productivity and retention; and
  • Publicize corporate goals, strategies and achievements, to increase employees' identification with and pride in the employer.

A focused, well-managed corporate HR communications program can support legal compliance and should be a fundamental component of any larger corporation's risk management strategy. Regardless of the size of the employer, effective HR communication can increase employee engagement and buy-in, which will enhance employee retention. In addition, all employers can use HR communications to help motivate employees and improve employee performance and productivity.