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How to Stop Property Theft in the Workplace

Author: Ashley Shaw, XpertHR Legal Editor

Workplace theft comes in many forms. It can be time theft, which can occur when an hourly worker consistently punches in early and punches out late, for example. It could be data theft or theft of intellectual property. In its most commonly known form, it is the theft of property.

No matter the business, there is something of value that an employer has, which an employee might want. At a retailer, it might be merchandise. At a pharmaceutical company, it might be drugs. At an office, it might be office supplies.

Workplace theft, even of small, seemingly insignificant objects, such as post-its, can lead to huge losses for employers. Stopping or deterring theft can seem impossible. However, there are several things that employers can do to help stop theft in the workplace. The steps listed below are good places to begin creating an antitheft environment in the workplace.