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How To Update Your Employee Handbook With 2020 Developments

Author: XpertHR Editorial Team

As legal developments affecting the workplace take effect, employers should ensure that their employee handbooks and workplace policies are compliant and current. Whether on the federal, state or local level, or related to leaves of absences or pregnancy accommodations, there continues to be a rise of legislation that touches upon employee rights and employer obligations in the workplace.

This How To summarizes federal, state and local trends and legal developments that became effective in 2020 and affect employee-facing policies. This How To should be used in conjunction with the Update Your Employee Handbook With 2020 Developments Checklist.

This How To does not include COVID-19-related laws that are temporary in nature (e.g., in effect for a defined period or for the duration of the public health emergency). Those policy templates can be located in the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Temporary Handbook Statements resource.

To update an employee handbook, an employer should take the following steps: