Podcast: 2016 Election Has High Stakes for Employers

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

With the countdown to the 2016 election well underway, this podcast features a conversation with the Society for Human Resource Management's vice president for government affairs, Michael Aitken, about what's at stake for employers.

"There's a lot of unease about the election, and what it's going to yield," said Aitken. Immigration has been a touchstone in this election cycle, and he noted that both major candidates will try to focus on that issue in their first term but with a decidedly different perspective, with Donald Trump taking a much more restrictionist view.

2016 Election Has High Stakes for Employers

July 13, 2016

Other key issues discussed include:

  • Paid leave (both sick and maternity leave);
  • Employment law protections for the gig economy; and
  • Background checks.

Aitken notes that Hillary Clinton would support both paid sick leave and paid maternity or paternity leave proposals. SHRM's position is that employers should be able to offer such leave on a voluntary basis.