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Podcast: Active Shooter Planning - What To Do Before It's Too Late

As recent events sadly illustrate, active shooter planning in the workplace has never been more important. Whether it's caused by radical violent extremism, a disgruntled former employee or some other source, the results can be horrific, so employers need to be especially prepared.

On this podcast, former Secret Service agent and current workplace violence prevention thought leader Matt Doherty discusses a host of practical tips to stay vigilant. Doherty is a senior vice president with Hillard Heintze, a leading security risk management company.

Active Shooter Planning - What To Do Before It's Too Late

June 16, 2016

"The future state of HR has to deal with this issue," says Doherty. The good news, if there is any, is that very rarely do these situations arise out of nowhere. "Warning signs are there in almost every single instance," explains Doherty. "But you need open lines of communication, whether reporting anonymously, to HR, to the security director or a first-line supervisor." Doherty addresses what HR can do to deal with this issue, including several security fundamentals. It's advice you cannot afford to miss.