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Podcast: Don't Let Unconscious Bias Derail Your Workplace

This podcast features one of the nation's leading experts on unconscious bias at work, Dr. Sondra Thiederman. Having worked with Fortune 500 companies, Thiederman noted that positive biases can be just as damaging as negative ones when it comes to damaging an organization's recruiting efforts. For instance, Thiederman said the following "positive" biases can prevent HR from seeing candidates as they really are:

  • Millennials are always good with technology;
  • Older workers tend to be reliable; and
  • Asians bring strong math skills to the table.

Everyone brings biases to the process from their personal experience, but Thiederman discussed how those can lead to hiring mistakes when inflexibly applied. Fortunately, she is seeing progress with big companies and said HR is on the leading edge. Commonality or kinship groups at work that cut across cultural groups, Thiederman explained, can go a long way toward minimizing biases (e.g. veterans' groups, elder care support, dealing with small children).

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