Podcast Examines Top Telecommuting Issues Affecting Employers

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

In today's brave new digital age, the number of people working remotely is unquestionably on the rise. Some studies estimate that at least 30 million Americans work from home at least one day per week. But this virtual work world also brings along potential compliance issues that employers cannot afford to ignore.

On this podcast, attorney Todd Wulffson, who practices with Carothers, DiSante & Freudenberger in Southern California, says it is clear that telecommuting can enhance a company's ability to attract employees. "There's something to be said about kicking back in your pajamas, having a leftover pizza and Mountain Dew for breakfast, and putting in your eight-hour workday."

Podcast Examines Top Telecommuting Issues Affecting Employers

August 14, 2015

However, Wulffson notes this setup is much more conducive for certain types of industries than others. He also says organizations must be aware of the employment law issues that can arise with telecommuting employees. "You don't know what their living room looks like," Wulffson says, which means there could be a workers' compensation problem if the employee is injured while working from home.

Another area where employers can create liability is in applying its telecommuting rules on an ad-hoc basis. "The most important thing is you apply the rules consistently," says Wulffson. And if the employer is monitoring the telecommuter's computer, he advises that it do so using the "least intrusive means possible" and set those expectations in a company policy.