Podcast Features Landmark Contraceptive Coverage Case

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

The Supreme Court will soon decide whether employers may deny contraceptive coverage to their employees on religious grounds under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The justices heard arguments in the case on March 25, 2014 with the outcome sure to have big implications for employers and employees.

This podcast gives listeners a unique look inside the Supreme Court with in-depth coverage from inside and outside the courtroom of this closely-watched dispute, which many observers view as the most significant of the term because of what it could mean for future challenges to the ACA. A pair of employers claim they should not be compelled to provide coverage for certain FDA-approved contraceptives.

Podcast Features Landmark Contraceptive Coverage Case

April 4, 2014

XpertHR makes it feel as if you were there as we feature the key questions on the justices' minds. Also featured are insights from the employers' attorney Paul Clement, one of the nation's leading appellate advocates, and US Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, Jr. representing the Obama administration.