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Podcast: How Much Employee Input Is Enough?

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

Employee engagement continues to be a trending topic because of its close connection to an organization's ability to retain its workers. So how can employers get better at making their employees truly feel like part of the team without losing sight of the bottom line? And is there any danger of relying too much on employee input?

This podcast examines those questions and more with noted HR blogger and professional Tim Sackett, a key contributor to Fistful of Talent who also serves as president of HRU Technical Resources, a $40 million IT and engineering contract staffing firm.

In modern society, companies are not the only ones measuring feedback and engagement, Sackett says: "We're in a world where everyone feels like they have a platform these days." Whether it be Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or something else, he explains that HR must educate leaders to keep their pulse on the energy of their team.

While it is important to let employees have a voice, business is not a democracy, Sackett adds. "Businesses get in trouble when they say, oh, every opinion matters," he says. "No it doesn't. It actually doesn't matter." Sackett asserts that some employees' opinions are more valuable than others', depending on what kind of performer they are or influence they have. "If you listen to every single opinion, you end up with really vanilla products and services," Sackett warns.

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