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Podcast: How to Keep A-List Talent From Exiting Stage Left

From a bottom-line perspective, few things are as costly as watching talented employees walk out the door. On this podcast, employee engagement expert David Lee speaks with XpertHR Legal Editor David Weisenfeld about common mistakes managers make to push people away, and ways to avoid them.

Lee focuses in on what turns employees from "happy campers" into job seekers. Too often, he says, employers fail to act as if human capital is their number one asset. He called it "very important" for organizations to consider what is within their circle of control to create a positive work experience and improve engagement.

"Every decision you make matters with your brand," said Lee. "The same is true with your employees. Every interaction with supervisors matters." One of the biggest reasons employees disengage, he explained, is the feeling that they are being taken for granted.

Lee also addresses holiday parties or summer barbeques, which many employers view as great ways to create engagement. "If employees feel like they're being disrespected or their opinions, those sorts of gala events actually have the opposite effect because they're perceived in a cynical light," said Lee. Instead, it is the daily experience and feeling appreciated that matters most.

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