Podcast: How Wearable Technology Could Affect the Workplace

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

Is wearable technology the next big thing? Some tech experts predict that wearable devices will one day make laptops, smartphones and tablets about as useful as an 8-track tape player. And while the much-hyped Google Glass was a failure, a wearable technology boom appears already on the way in the workplace.

This XpertHR podcast takes an in-depth look at this development with Atlanta attorney Tracy Moon, Jr., of the nationwide labor and employment firm of Fisher Phillips. Moon says the time has arrived for employers to adopt a wearable technology policy to take these devices into consideration. He notes that a policy by itself is of no use without appropriate training.

Podcast: How Wearable Technology Could Affect the Workplace

May 28, 2015

That's why Moon stresses the importance of making sure supervisors are trained to recognize issues before they become a problem. "Disgruntled employees could use the technology to transmit a meeting to an attorney or government agency in real time without the notice and consent of the employer," he says.

Meanwhile, employers making use of these devices need to explain what they are trying to accomplish and have a legitimate, nondiscriminatory business reason for using them. Moon adds that they also should have privacy safeguards in place. However, he also details the benefits of this technology, including how it can aid disabled employees. To hear all of Moon's insights on this trending topic, listen to our podcast.