Podcast: Making the Most of Mobile Recruiting

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

Mobile recruiting is one of the most notable trends affecting talent acquisition today. But too many employers are not mobile friendly and remain mired in a 1950s mentality, says Steven Rothberg, the president and founder of College Recruiter.

On an XpertHR podcast, Rothberg asserts that a number of employers are sending a really bad message to millennials from the outset by requiring them to upload a resumé to begin the application process. He explains that for iPhone users it remains impossible to save a resumé on their phone and then be able to upload it to a website. Rothberg adds that most employers simply need basic candidate information to get started.

Making the Most of Mobile Recruiting

March 27, 2017

Citing Uber and Lyft, Rothberg says gig economy employers are the best at mobile recruiting. "They don't require a resumé as the very first step," he asserts. "There is absolutely no reason mid-sized and large companies can't do the same thing." He notes that companies can automate the process and get someone to start it on their mobile device and then email candidates later so they can complete the application when they are on their laptop or desktop.

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