Podcast: Open Enrollment 2017 - Helping Employees Understand Their Options

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

Employee health care costs are on the rise and some major insurers, including Aetna and United Healthcare, have announced they will not be participating in some Affordable Care Act (ACA) exchanges in 2017. So with open enrollment season upon us, how can employees know how to choose a plan that works best for them?

On this podcast, Faegre Baker Daniels employment attorney Mike MacLean provides some answers and explores how employers can improve at communicating with their employees during open enrollment. MacLean says the biggest challenge is familiarizing employees with the various options. Some key questions for employers to consider include:

  • Are we clear up front about what the changes are in the plan?
  • Are we clear about what the differences between these options are?

Open Enrollment 2017: Helping Employees Understand Their Options

October 10, 2016

MacLean also addresses the increased focus on wellness and preventive care; common benefits questions he receives; and what big insurers leaving the marketplace could mean as a practical matter.

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