Podcast Shines Spotlight on E-Cigarettes in the Workplace

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

The use of electronic cigarettes is very much on the rise, but there is a lack of consensus in the scientific community regarding the health risks. Employers also have faced a bit of a regulatory vacuum, at least thus far, when it comes to how to handle this trend. While 29 states plus the District of Columbia ban smoking in the workplace, only a handful prohibit e-cigarette use.

A new podcast sheds light on this growing issue with Los Angeles employment attorney Stefan Black of the Ford Harrison law firm, who provides much-needed candor for HR professionals. Speaking of claims that e-cigarettes can increase employee productivity by helping them to quit tobacco smoking, Black says he has his doubts. For instance, he notes that many employees who are allowed to use e-cigarettes continue to take their breaks outside.

Podcast Shines Spotlight on E-Cigarettes in the Workplace

July 30, 2014

Meanwhile, he adds that nonsmoking employees may have a negative reaction to the e-cigarette vapor. Black explains, "The fact of the matter is that if employees think their health condition is caused by exposure to e-cigarette vapor they're likely to file a workers' compensation claim, or even a simple negligence lawsuit, and then employers are facing litigation that they otherwise could easily avoid."

The Los Angeles employment attorney also discusses the future for e-cigarettes in the workplace. To hear all of Black's insights for HR professionals, listen to this new podcast.