Podcast: Supreme Court Pregnancy Case Has Huge Implications

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

The Supreme Court recently heard arguments in a key pregnancy bias case that ranks as one of the most significant of the term. How the justices resolve this closely-watched dispute could affect workplace accommodations for countless working women.

This award-winning podcast gives listeners a unique look inside the Supreme Court with coverage from both inside and outside the courtroom of Young v. United Parcel Service in which the justices will decide how far the Pregnancy Discrimination Act extends. At issue is whether an employer that provides light-duty work accommodations to nonpregnant employees injured on-the-job must also do so for pregnant workers.

Podcast: Supreme Court Pregnancy Case Has Huge Implications

December 18, 2014

UPS claims its policy was facially neutral and did not single out pregnant women. But the pregnant driver forced to take extended unpaid leave under the policy disagrees. Her attorney Samuel Bagenstos said, "In this case, pregnancy was the only condition where light-duty work was not available."

XpertHR will make it feel as if you were there as we feature the key questions on the justices' minds. Also included are comments from US Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, Jr., representing the Obama administration, and UPS attorney Caitlin Halligan.