Podcast: Video Job Interviewing - What You Need to Know

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

One of the more notable ways the recruiting and hiring process is changing is with the use of video job interviews. With this trend very much on the rise, the new XpertHR podcast features a conversation with Lisa Rangel, a former 13-year executive recruiter who now runs her own New Jersey-based executive resume writing and job search firm.

According to Rangel, the companies that are slower to come around to technological changes are the ones having a tougher time finding new talent. Rangel notes that video interviews bring with them a number of advantages, but also include a few drawbacks. "Just because an employer can interview effectively in person doesn't mean they can have the same rapport in a video," says Rangel.

Video Job Interviewing: What You Need to Know

January 12, 2016

In determining how much weight to give to a video interview, she asserts that employers need to look at the nature of the position and whether presenting will be an essential function of the job. For instance, Rangel points out that a Chief Marketing Officer needs to speak professionally and influence others in all mediums, including via video. However, these skills may not be relevant if hiring an accounts payable clerk. For more insights from Rangel, listen to this latest podcast.

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