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Podcast: What HR Must Do to Survive and Thrive

This podcast features outside-the-box insights about the HR role and how to improve it from Steve Browne, the author of "HR on Purpose" and acclaimed speaker. Browne, vice president of HR for the LaRosa's Pizzeria chain, often shows up incognito at his employer's various restaurants so employees are not on edge and do not change their approach.

Browne shares many useful tips that may change the way you think about HR. Chief among them, Browne stresses that HR must be "a regular part of the mechanism" and not just a place people go to when there is a problem. That means, above all, being accessible to employees, being a good listener and showing that you care about them.

According to Browne, HR also must stop being a silo and has to be integrated with the rest of the organization. "If we're not integrated, we won't be relevant," said Browne. "And if we're not relevant, the company should get rid of HR."

Some other valuable insights include:

  • Don't use the term "mandatory meeting." It means something is wrong;
  • Come at people with conversation rather than rules, regulations and procedures;
  • Believe the best in everybody; and
  • Never forget to acknowledge employees.

While many HR practitioners feel as if they are getting it from both sides - from upper management and employees - and are not valued in their organization, Browne says it does not need to be this way and stresses a positive approach.

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