Podcast: What the Paid Sick Leave Trend Means for HR

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

Paid sick leave is rapidly becoming one of the most significant trends affecting employers today. While there are no federal requirements affecting private employers as of yet, California, Connecticut and Massachusetts are among the states that have passed laws expanding employee rights in this area, and an increasing number of cities have done so as well.

On this podcast, Littler Mendelson employment attorneys Mark Phillis and Pam Salgado discuss what employers need to know from a compliance standpoint. "Unfortunately, with respect to paid sick leave the Pandora's Box is already open," says Phillis. "There are a number of paid sick leave ordinances out there and the specific requirements in each create quite a headache for multistate employers."

What the Paid Sick Leave Trend Means for HR

May 11, 2016

Meanwhile, Salgado notes that what often trips up companies are implementation issues, such as how much notice an employee has to give and when an employer can ask for certification. She says, "As employers are trying to figure out how to administer a paid sick leave policy, it's important for them to have all of the stakeholders at the table."

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