Podcast: Why Paid Leave Laws Are Starting to Proliferate

Hosted by: David Weisenfeld

While there are no federal requirements for employers to provide paid sick leave or paid family leave, a few states and cities have expanded employee rights in this area. Connecticut mandates paid sick time and a number of big cities have followed suit, with others taking a fresh look at the issue.

This XpertHR podcast features a conversation with Portland, OR, attorney Kyle Abraham of Barran Liebman, whose city recently adopted a paid sick leave law that covers all employers with one eligible employee. New York City, Washington, DC, and Seattle also are among the cities to adopt paid sick leave laws.

Podcast: Why Paid Leave Laws Are Starting to Proliferate

February 28, 2014

Abraham says studies have consistently found that the benefits of paid sick leave offset most of the direct costs to employers through:

  • Increased morale and productivity;
  • Reduction in absenteeism; and
  • Lower turnover rates.

Abraham also advises employers on the importance of understanding the difference between paid sick leave and paid family leave, saying of the two, "They are often confused." He encourages employers to be proactive in this area and engage legislators at the implementation stage.