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Podcast: Why Sexual Harassment Training Needs a Reboot

The sudden fall of Fox News Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes amidst multiple claims of sexual harassment has cast new light on sexual harassment in the workplace. Employees are generally not comfortable coming forward when the alleged harasser is a senior leader. In the Fox story, it took a high-profile former television anchor's complaint to spark Ailes' ouster.

On this podcast, the founder of the workplace training and learning company ELI discusses why companies need to take a different approach when it comes to sexual harassment. Stephen Paskoff explains that much of the training that employers offer is designed to build legal defenses more than anything else. "Too many organizations take a cosmetic approach," says Paskoff. "Employers should look at what will stop the behavior, and I don't think giving a one-time dose of learning a year is what does that."

Why Sexual Harassment Training Needs a Reboot

August 23, 2016

While noting that training is important, Paskoff points out that what's really needed are leaders who behave in a way that aligns with their company's values and are willing to intercede when problems are brought to them. He says, "You need someone who says we can't allow that. That's not who we are." Paskoff also discusses what employers can do to ensure the lines of communication are open and effective.

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