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Webinar: Bring Your Own Device - The Practical & Legal Issues Surrounding Employee - Owned Devices in the Workplace

Employees are increasingly seeking to use one device for both professional and personal use. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is the practice whereby employers permit employees to bring their own personal mobile devices into the workplace and encourage employees to use these for business-related tasks.

While BYOD offers many benefits - cost savings, greater efficiency and improved employee morale - it has its pitfalls. Watch this free webinar to get a better understanding of how BYOD can threaten the security of employer data and networks and how as a result, some of the preventive measures that employers utilize as safeguards, such as monitoring, accessing and ultimately wiping an employee's device, create privacy issues. In addition, bringing a device into the workplace blurs the line between an employee's business and personal life and can have unintended consequences such as harassment and discrimination lawsuits, wage and hour disputes, and labor law compliance issues.

This webinar will outline some of the practical and legal issues surrounding BYOD to gain insight into how employers can sufficiently protect themselves with an effective BYOD policy.