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Webinar: Compliance Strategies for the Changing Immigration Landscape

Davis Bae, Jackson Lewis

More than 11 million people live in the US without legal immigration status. That represents potentially over 6% of the US workforce. The immigration debate is no longer about whether the immigration system is broken, but how to fix it.

As the President's Executive Action is being implemented and Congress's immigration reform measures are being developed, employers are faced with many questions regarding honesty policies, E-Verify implementation and immigration compliance processes. This is particularly challenging for multi-state employers because they will have to address differences in state treatment.

Also, the President has promised clarification for inconsistencies in immigration adjudications, the creation of relief for long delayed permanent residence cases and policies which will encourage foreign entrepreneurial investors.

Davis Bae, a partner with management side employment law firm Jackson Lewis, presents:

  • An overview of current immigration enforcement, the President's Executive Action; and immigration reform;
  • Key insights on how these changes will affect employers; and
  • HR best practices that can be implemented to ensure immigration compliance.