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Webinar: Coronavirus (COVID-19) - Remote Work Engagement Solutions for Employers

Robert Teachout

With the coronavirus surging nationwide, many HR and people professionals are scrambling to adapt to a remote workforce and maintaining engagement levels that are crucial for morale and productivity.

In this webinar, XpertHR's Legal Editor Robert Teachout addresses issues confronting employers in light of the pandemic and the increasing prevalence of remote workforces. He discusses the challenges facing remote workers and provides insight on how employers can respond that promote engagement and communication with their employees. In this webinar, we cover:

  • The #1 challenge that impacts remote employees
  • Why remote work during the COVID-19) pandemic is different than regular remote work
  • The key steps employers can take to maintain and increase remote employee engagement
  • Best practices and tips to share with employees to help them adjust to working from home
  • And more!

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