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Webinar: Establishing a Best-in-Class Workplace Violence Prevention Program

Matthew Doherty

Day after day, acts of violence continue to shatter workplaces around the United States. While the probability that any single employee will fall victim to such a terrible event is very small, the broader impact of just one incident can shatter company morale for thousands.

As an HR professional, what exactly do you need to know about protecting the workplace? What have we learned, as a nation, about the motives, intents and "tells" of an attacker - and how do you and your colleagues within and beyond HR translate this insight into an effective workplace violence prevention program?

Join Hillard Heintze's Senior Vice President Matthew Doherty for a vibrant hour-long discussion. Learn about behavioral threat assessment and how to coordinate and align internal and external resources to prevent violence before it occurs.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Acquire the knowledge needed to build the business case for a workplace violence prevention program and begin to identify metrics to measure the program's short, medium, and long-term contributions to HR and business performance.
  • Become familiar with the scope and intent of the legal implications of workplace violence prevention across issues that relate, for example, to OHSA, HIPAA, FERPA and the "duty to warn."
  • Learn to identify common roadblocks to early intervention in workplace violence prevention - as well as the leading research related to attackers, plus the methodology best used to differentiate between "making a threat" and "posing a threat."